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Group learning events

MasterClass/Workshops/Group Coaching

  • What is a MasterClass? A group of like minded people helping each other through a series. These groups are typically 8 weeks long. 

    •  Becoming your the truest version of you!

  • What is a Workshop? (COMING SOON!) I am working on developing a webinar series for nurses that want to step away from the bedside. Topics will be based on my years of experience and market research in the following topics:

    • How do I decide what role is right for me?​

    • What is it like to be a ...[Manager, Educator, Informaticist, etc]​

    • What skills do I need to be a ... [Manager, Educator, Informaticist, etc]​​​​​

  • What is Group Coaching? A group of like minded people with similar goals being coached together. You get to hear from others and accountability from others. A great way to develop relationships in the area of your goals!​​

  • What is a MasterMind? A group of colleagues or like minded people learning together and becoming stronger. Based on one of the follow John Maxwell books, these can be customized for your needs. They are guided through a workbook for any of the following topics:

    • Becoming a Person of Influence​

    • 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth

    • Everyone Communicates and Few Connect

    • And More!



Group Coaching

Workshop events

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