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I have been meeting with Patti since the end of February where we set a goal and a date. This goal has always been somewhere floating around in the back of my mind, but moving it forward and putting focus on it was really exciting. After setting a goal, we started working on the action plan. This created even more excitement as I started to visualize the path and the achievement of this goal. Meeting with Patti for progress reports, adjustments of details, and refocus is a refreshing experience. Patti is very personable and empathic to my goals and struggles. I feel that she is personally bought into helping me achieve my goals. She is prepared, doing as much homework as I bring perspectives and solutions from another perspective. I am looking forward to working with Patti into a bright future! If you are on the fence wondering if Patti can add value to your journey, I would recommend that you bring goals and concerns and meet with her. I know I haven’t regretted it.


Michael Davenport


Even after just one conversation I believed I could do things that I hadn't believed before! - VJ

Patti has helped me to become more confident during an important career transition. - EB
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