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Career Coaching

Nurses becoming better in non-bedside role/Goal Clarity/DISC Personality Assessment/Balancing Work, Life, Family/Finding Freedom You Deserve/Breaking Through Barriers

I use my experience as a successful leader in a large healthcare organization to help nurses be more successful in their careers. Specifically, my passion and specialty are those nurses that are in non-bedside roles. I love helping those that think "all I know is the bedside" to realize there is a whole world of work and success to be had!

If you aren't a nurse - no worries! My client list includes people in other industries too - finance, consulting, federal government, and more!

Career coaching is intended to be an honest and open conversation to help you to break through the areas in which are either blind spots, or you are just feeling stuck.

My approach is to utilize the Maxwell Method of DISC personality assessment as a beginning step to allow you to learn about you and others, how to communicate more effectively and improve your relationships. It is a personalized approached based on your specific needs and desires.

Connect with me and I would love to help your career goals come true!

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