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Hi! I'm Patti and I'm happy to meet you!

Hi! I am Patti Timbers, a follower of Christ, wife, mom of a teenage boy, as well as a nurse for 28+ years, with over a decade of leadership experience. After earning my MBA I came to the awareness that I love growing people. I became a certified coach, focusing on personal and professional change. As a Life/Change coach focusing on personal change I help individuals in their mid-life to maneuver through any change they want or need to go through.

My core philosophy of change is this - 

It sucks to change, but it sucks to stay where you are - you have to choose your suck!

Once we have our mindset adjusted around the desired outcome we can start to take the small steps it takes to make that change reality. I have helped individuals create a path to dreams they never felt were possible. I have also guided leaders in large healthcare organizations like the Mayo Clinic, Virginia Mason Franciscan Health to create real, sustaining change, that impacts their organization.

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